the corruption in Jordan

the corruption in Jordan
ption in JordanTalking about corruption in Jordan, the subject of long to explain, but the bottom line is that the institution of corruption in Jordan, a strong institution and are inherent and need to position a popular firm to get rid of colonialism corruption, and strengthen this institution is the existence of figures assumed senior positions in the State or to have a site of strong economic can From which it runs its own interests and the interests of his relatives, according to what he wants and stands helpless in front of state institutions.
We are now looking for a step Qoipnhn now looking for a first step towards the right way to deal with this malignant disease, which devastated the national economy This can only happen through the selection of honest men have in their minds national concern, not governed by the narrow interests do not seek to gather wealth at the expense of the citizen food
That people currently do not meet the conditions in which we need people who will work Disease, government corruption in the slit of financial and administrative, that Jordan is full of intellectuals and educated and who are on a high degree of integrity, impartiality and able to navigate the ship to safety
lawyer jamal Al khatatbeh


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